at "Gigant" Apeldoorn, Holland
30 September 2011

Photos by Peter B. Mand

TEN YEARS AFTER in Concert Fans & Friends "Get Together" in Apeldoorn

Arrival at the "Best Western" Hotel

Breaking The Ice Once Again  - At The Hotel Bar - Henk - Dave - Theo


The Glow of Brigitte


Gaby - Henk - Theo


Sorry Gaby


Gaby's  Shirt  Says  It  All


Before the Gig


Theo - Brigitte - Henk


Jannie and Dave




My Brigitte




Anita - Dave - Markus (The Photographer)


Ric Lee and Sybille


Our Family of friends the last day - getting ready to go to the concert



Gaby and I holding our mascot "Joe" Sybille's friend!


My Little Beauty - Brigitte


With A Mona Lisa Smile


A day as beautiful as the women in this photo



Gaby and Anita


Looking for a "Food Venue"

Hoss - Anita - Little Brigitte


My new friend Berry - Henk's son - he's older than he looks and a friendly young man!


The gang chose: The Irish Pub across from the "gigant!" venue

Isn't she lovely - turn around Theo


We should have scrapped this photo Gabby - but isn't that's the way it sometime goes?


Hamburgers on one end of the table - Fish and Chips on the other end


I love this photo - as we are - happy to be together again


Father and Son


Beautiful photo


 Theo - This man has so much class and humour, it's a real pleasure to call him our friend


The Way It Is - I always need a shave - or a shower - she always looks great and natural


I always wonder just what I'm thinking about in photos like this.....if looks could kill - the ladies look great


Much Better - Our Family of Friends Waiting


Memories That Will Live On


Great Photo Peter


Excellent Soft Light - We Love You Both


The Morning After - Breakfast at the hotel

At Breakfast Saturday Morning - A few laughs with Leo and Joe


We all eat very well on these get togethers - one happy group


Sunshine Brigitte and Sleepy Anita


Getting Ready For The Road Again


Looking for the hidden key


Happy Band and Fan Anita - The ever smiling  Leo - Joe and Chick


The Cold Light of Day


All Aboard - The Five Star Express - On the Road Again



Photos © Peter B. Mand

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Fans & Friends "Get Together" in Apeldoorn

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