Even after all these years they never got tired, and now Leo Lyons, Joe Gooch and Ric Lee from TYA proved that not only by performing their old hits but also playing some new music that they still have what it takes.

A legend overflowing with life

TYA turned the Lagerhalle into a real pressure cooker for the audience

It's getting harder and more difficult for musical legends, if they just  want to rest on their laurels, they'll never make it in today's music world.. It's a difficult tightrope to walk between playing the old standards and trying to be contemporary and progressive, it's almost impossible to succeed. Many musicians who started in the rock and pop era in the 60's and 70's and  now want to try and make a comeback in every part of world  now have a tough choice to make.  Is it better to please the old fans looking for that feeling of nostalgia and play the old hits that the fans want to hear, or shall they  present their new current material?

For the Woodstock legend "Ten Years After" who performed at the Lagerhalle, it's even a more difficult problem due to the fact that their ex-frontman Alvin Lee, who formed the musical image with his characteristic guitar playing, left the band to start a solo career. Alvin was not  available or willing to do another band reunion tour with his old bandmates.

In front of the audience at the Lagerhalle they had to prove that "the new guy" Joe Gooch, who took over Alvin's part, was an adequate replacement, but first the audience was entertained by a local support band from Osnabrück, called "The Big Disaster", as guitarist and singer Thomson calls his band. They did a fine job getting the audience ready for the headliners.

You feel like you have stepped back in time when you hear the first beats of "Ten Years After", who were introduced in the darkness of the venue by Torsten Strube.  In sparkling spotlight you then see three original members: bass player Leo Lyons, keyboarder Chick Churchill and Ric Lee behind the drums and standing in the middle of the stage a young 27 year-old named Joe Gooch. 

Let's make it easy, Joe handles himself very well on stage and his guitar skills are indeed phenomenal. He delivers unbelievable fast guitar solos and rocket riffs out of his professional hands as if he's never done anything else.. You might forget that Alvin Lee used to be here instead of him. Only his voice is different, he doesn't sound like Alvin. 

The passion to play that Ric and Leo show compensates for what's different in the vocals, especially during the traditional drum solo "Hobbit"  as well as Leo's pounding his heavy gauge strings for his bass solo was offered with a heartfelt smile on his face along with fast duels with the guitar. His smile fades for a quick minute when two people in the audience in front of him almost came to blows because of their wild dancing,  Ric jumped up from behind  his drums and settles the feud personally, a very sympathetic action done with compassion. 

Anyway, hats off to a legend that has aged with dignity and in spite of a new band member, remained absolutely credible. Their presence, aura and the mix of old hits like "I'm Going Home" and their new song material is more than just alright.